Chapter 16 – A Triple Disaster

Hi again! Two chapters in one month is pretty much unheard of for us! If you remember, last time Joelle and Karissa aged up and left the house and we welcomed our first set of triplets. And there’s no need to start off with a kid check this time since the older kids are at school and Oliver is just playing with the toys. Let’s head over to Carly who’s about to start caring for the triplets for the first time.

And she’s having one hell of a time. Oh gawd… just imagine them as toddlers… I’m just gonna die now. If you remember (or don’t), their names are Parker (blue), Quinn (pink), and Reese (green).

Carly: Whoaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

Yup. That’s how that works. Glad you’re having fun though!

Kids came back from school, so we left Logan in charge and went off man-hunting!

He’s such a good babysitter. Also, Logan is probably my favorite kid so far.

Natalie: Woooooo!! Yeah!

See Carly?! This is how you do it! Get it girl!

I’m determined to get more Mason in this chapter. He was so under represented last time. So here he is being boring and chatting on the computer…

Which we canceled for some mother/son bonding. (But not really. Neither of them interacted… they just watched the TV…)

Oliver is adorable. Of course it took us forever to get this bath in because Carly kept having other issues.

Mason came home with an A! So it’s birthday time!!!


*Insert blowing out candles pic here*


Yeah… I missed that pic… Oops. Sorry Mason

Anyways, here he is! What a cutie! Definitely doesn’t match his traits… Which are Evil and gloomy… And his aspiration is friend of the world… this kid has the strangest combo of traits/aspiration/genetics I’ve seen…

And he immediately starts his homework. On the best seat in the house. Oliver doesn’t like it.

Salim invited us out!

As you can see we made full use of this time. Reel him in, Carly! I spy daddy #13!

I’m really gonna miss this kid when he moves out. He’s close to an A… He’s got a lot of parenting to the triplets.

You know… As annoying as toddlers are, they are pretty damn cute.

Birthday time for the triplets! (send help!)

So here’s the toddler triplets. Parker is on the left in the yellow shirt and blue pants. Quinn is obviously the only girl. And Reese is in the middle in the green sweatshirt.

And just when I need him the most, Logan got an A.


I don’t want you to leave either…

But we had a birthday anyway.

He gained the insane trait to go with genius and romantic. And his aspiration is still freelance botanist.

So we moved him out very reluctantly. He doesn’t look happy about it either.

But look who I spy down the street! Move, Logan! We got baby making to do!

Logan: I’m already forgotten… *sigh*

Quick Carly! Make your move!


*One thing leads to another and another…*


And we’re preggo! I’m determined to make it to 20 babies with her. DETERMINED!

Let us just take a minute and appreciate this moment as it will probably never happen again. They’re all sleeping AT THE SAME TIME! I get a break!

And then Oliver ruins it. Also, Joelle got married!

Group potty training! Reese is independent, so he gets to do it all on his own. Parker and Quinn need the help.

Go Reese, go!!! Still my favorite toddler action. ❤

Poor Carly. A mother’s work is never done.

Passed out baby! And yes. He did end the bath time just so he could pass out. And he walked all the way outside to do it too.

This trashcan has been the best investment we’ve ever made. It is currently our only source of income since Carly hasn’t had the chance to paint recently with four toddlers in the house…

Bella had a baby boy!

Oliver’s birthday!

He gained the perfectionist trait and the artistic prodigy.

look at that face though… He looks like he’s planning evil…

*This is supposed to show that Karissa had a baby girl and that Karissa is dressed like a knight. Excuse the missing UI*

*ANOTHER MISSING UI PICTURE! This is supposed to show that the bills came and after it was paid left us with $23…*

Natalie’s working on her school project. I should probably have moved that into her room and locked the door so that the toddlers can’t destroy it…

Baby time!!

*obligatory shot before Salim disappears*

Don’t look so scared, Carly… You’ve had 18 other children… You can do this.

Welcome to the family, baby #19, Shayne.

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time when we hopefully have a triplet birthday (please god…I can’t do them as toddlers anymore…) and hopefully one more Carly pregnancy before her elder birthday!


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