Chapter 14 – The Battle For Babies


And here we are once again with another update of my 100 baby challenge! Last time we left off (as always) with the birth of a baby! Baby #14, Natalie, joined the family! And we begin this chapter with the twins goggling Mason. (totally not staged either. This is where they were when I opened up the game) Joelle looks excited and Karissa looks confused. lol sims.


Logan is sad. Apparently he did not want a new sibling. Well, tough luck dude! Your mom is a baby making machine!


We have still NOT completed Carly’s aspiration. She needs 2 more masterpieces to finish it. She paints allllll the time, but just can’t get it done! I have the Creative visionary reward trait but still no dice. So we paint away…


So I got this notification, and then another one right after, that Natalie needed to be fed… Now she had not cried AT ALL nor was her UI portrait blue. So I have no idea what that was about, but we fed her anyways and she’s still around, so yay?


Here we have Carly supervising the homework session. Making sure everyone gets their work done so they can get good grades and get out of the house to make room for more babies. Man, she’s a strict mom! (Not really, my mom did the same thing. Well, not the kick me out to have more babies part but whatever)


Carly was researching vampires on the computer (I want garlic braids and stuff around the house so we don’t get late night visitors like we did in my Drifter Challenge.) And those damn vampires broke our computer to keep their secrets!


Going though our relationship panel, I found this guy. His name is Lincoln Shook (Brother of Faith’s husband). We were just getting to the good part when he suddenly runs off. Jerk.


Guys! We bought the important thing! The sims in this house leave all their plates laying around all the time and don’t clean up after themselves (gosh, I sound like my mother…). So now when they leave them out, I can take care of them and make some money!! Yippie!


Cute toddler playtime!! Also, I love Carly’s face in this picture! That would be my face with a toddler on my back lol


Lots of skilling going on in this picture. Joelle is working on programming (something she started on her own by the way), Karissa is obviously working on video gaming (admire our new video game system because we can’t skill on the computer while someone else is using it), and Carly is helping Mason with the thinking.


Awe, poor guy! So much skilling for this little tyke! This is actually the first time I’ve had a toddler pass out in the high chair. So cute. I love the toddlers when they’re sleeping. Then they don’t get into cause trouble.


Invited Lincoln over again. I’m determined to get this to work without him running away again.


Success! Managed to get it done!


Erm… Okay maybe not… quick he’s still here!


So we tried again! Need to get this going!


Son of a! Seriously! This sucks! I wonder if it’s because she’s got low hygiene and energy. Well, it looks like baby is gonna have to wait, since once again, Lincoln has run away again.


We obviously don’t have showers in our house because everyone is DIRTY. It’s just not our day, guys…


I’m now officially on micromanage mode. Because apparently my sims are INCAPABLE of taking care of themselves…


So Natalie was a really easy baby… all the way up to her birthday. On the day we got the birthday pop-up, she suddenly became SUPER needy and crying every 5 minutes. At least there was an easy way to fix that!


Birthday time!!


She’s a cutie!! She rolled the independent trait (thank goodness)


Lincoln is back! I am determined to have his baby! So we tried AGAIN


And we did it! FINALLY! Baby on the way! This is becoming a really long chapter…


This is not Logan’s best chapter… poor guy.


And Karissa is right behind him. But really girl? Your bed is literally right there…


I forgot that I never bought the toddler bookshelf. Whoops (and then I realized that I didn’t actually need to buy it since I already had a bookshelf, but hey. It’s cute.)


Karissa came home from school with an A, but Joelle did not, so no birthday for you! I know, I’m sad too.


Found this guy in Carly’s relationship panel. I think he might be the receptionist at the hospital? Maybe?


Possible father material. You know, as long as he’s still alive when we’re ready for that again.




He’s got his moms eyes, that’s for sure! He rolled the gloomy trait and the social butterfly aspiration.

Also, look at Logan’s face lol. He looks kinda mischievous.


Derrick and Andrea are expecting another baby!


Ummmmmm…. okay? Well at least you saved the food, Carly. The food is most important!


Baby time! Finally! Her stats are okay for the most part (just a little hungry) so we’re having a home birth!  *crosses fingers for twins*


Aaaaaaaand it’s a single… And it’s a boy. We’ve had 4 singles in row… and 3 of those have been boys! Anyway, this is baby # 15, Oliver! And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time where we’ll hopefully move out the twins and have some more birthdays, and hopefully twins!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 14 – The Battle For Babies

  1. I just read this entire story (about to start on the Drifter Challenge) and I love it! Your sarcastic/funny side notes are the best ! Update soon 😉


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