Chapter 13 – The Miracle Of Life

Oh hello there! Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time we had our first experience with toddlers and loved it (wait for that to change fast in this chapter), we said good-bye to babies #8 and #9, Harrison and Irene, Adonis became the target for the next pregnancy, and we welcomed baby #13 into the family! So without further ado, let’s continue!


Hmmmmm. Why are we all outside? This is weird.


Oh right! Because we changed the house! As stated at the very end of last chapter, we did a major overhaul of the house!


Here’s the first floor. It contains the main living area for the house, the kitchen, dinning room, the master and en-suite, and a bathroom for everyone to use.


The second floor contains 5 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom. There will also a deck off the front of the house, but we didn’t have money for that.


And the third floor. I has 3 bedrooms, each with it’s own bathroom. This is currently where Joelle and Karissa are sleeping (just happened to be where their claimed beds ended up)


And we also did a slight revamp of the garden. We also purchased garlic seeds. I don’t want unexpected visits from vampires like what happened in my drifter challenge…stupid Vlad…


Awe, poor Logan! He looks like he’s having a bad day! (But for real, it’s me. Bathing toddlers is such a hassle. Apparently, you can’t do it on the same floor as a baby. So stupid)


Emilie married a vampire! Noooo!


And Faith also got married! (Not sure if he’s a vampire or an alien…it doesn’t tell me. Also, I did visit all the kids and stuff to manual age up kids and stuff because I apparently had aging turned off and I found out that Amber is married to an alien! Oh my!)


Look at the kids all bonding! Joelle’s face is awesome! Look at that smirk!


Oh no…oh no no no. First my drifter is fed on by a vampire, and now Carly is abducted by aliens!


No!! Carly!! Come back! Don’t go into the light! Light is bad! Stay away!



So….Emilie and Caleb are expecting… Great… she’s going to have vampire spawn.


Stoopid aliens. Poor Carly. At least her flirty mood is overpowering it. (Pay no attention to Logan and his terrible mood. I’m ignoring it.)


Baby time! Adonis is mine! I’M SO EXCITED!!


Success! We’re pregnant! Baby #14 is on the way!


Also, Joelle and Karissa came home with A’s so, it’s birthday time!


Mason goes first!


He’s a cutie!! He rolled the Clingy trait. Great… he’s going to need a lot of attention. Logan is already a handful! What have I done?


Joelle goes next!


She rolled the loves outdoors trait and the Soulmate aspiration.


Then it’s Karissa’s turn!


She rolled the insider trait and the Musical Genius aspiration.


Karissa: “Why become a teenager if all you’re going to do is take care of children!? This blows”


Bad Watcher Moment: This was supposed to capture the UI showing that Faith is expecting a child, and that Irene got married to a Tetsu Hayashi (who’s a vampire) and they are expecting a child as well.


New stove!! Yippie!


Awkward… Claire married Byron Lake… He’s the father of babies #5 and #6, Emilie and Faith…


It’s Logan’s birthday! Like his actual birthday… At least he managed to get level 3 on all his skills… So that’s something.


He rolled the Genius and Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. He’s a cutie! I’m glad I added glasses, it really goes with his genius trait


Emilie had her baby! It’s a girl!


And then Faith had her baby! It’s a boy!


And Irene had her baby! It’s a boy!


And apparently Grayson was expecting with his wife, Jordyn and I just missed that memo… well, they had their baby! It’s a boy!


And now it’s our turn! Baby incoming!


So I was waiting for the father freakout pic, but Adonis didn’t freak out at all. He just vanished. Usually they freak out before they become masters of invisibility… oh well.


It’s a girl!


Welcome to the family, baby #14, Natalie!


And Karissa has officially lost the title of “heir” as it is now handed down to Natalie! (Also, I see you, Logan. I see you totally destroying your mother’s bathroom. Rude) Join us next time for more toddler chaos, more birthdays, and more babies!



3 thoughts on “Chapter 13 – The Miracle Of Life

  1. Don’t you just look at Carly and feel like, she can’t POSSIBLY be pregnant again? HA. It’s too good! I like to let the pregnancy’s pop naturally, I never take tests, but in this I’d be doing everything as fast as possible.


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