Chapter 73 – Progress-ish?

Hello! Welcome back! We start this chapter off with a SUPER QUICK check in since half of the family is in the same area!

Xavia is browsing the web

Kid #77, Yanna, is chatting in a kid-friendly chat room. She still needs to do her homework and finish getting her vampire skill to level 4, but it’s Saturday morning, so we’ll have time

Kid #78, Zola, is dancing away! But she’s got a long way to go on her skills.

They’re currently at:

Level 3: Communication

Level 2: Imagination

Level 1: Movement, Potty, Thinking

And here’s our newest additions, baby #79, Alec (on the left) and baby #80, Brent (on the right)

Sending the kiddos off to get started on their tasks, we invited over Zane!

He didn’t even make it into the house before they leapt into the poohoo bush bought especially for him.

And success! Since we were done with Zane, we became just friends and kicked him out.

No need for boy drama

We have an escapee! Who let her out?!

Spoiler: It was me. I forgot to lock the door

Lady, I dunno who you are, but that is not appropriate attire for visiting people.

We started our servo! I figured we’re close to the end of the challenge, and we’re moving pretty fast though the kids, I won’t miss the extra space.

So! I’m taking name suggestions for our Servo!

We may not even finish it in time lol

As usual, potty is the final skill to get to level 3.

But we finally get it done, so Zola gets her cake!

And she got right to work on her homework. (after a sleep and fun replacement potion lol)

We’re RICH!

Breakfast time! Nice to see them all eat at the table together for once

Alec aged up! He’s a cutie! He’s also a mermaid like his daddy

And here’s his twin brother, Brent, who is also a mermaid

I realized that we’re in our third trimester and I still haven’t gone to find our next baby daddy. So off to Del Sol Valley we went!

So everyone, meet Alan Otts! My absolute favorite torch holder from ciyrose’s Otts ISBI Alphabetcy. It’s hilarious and you should definitely check it out!

He was an easy catch. Even if we did piss our pants in the middle of romancing him lol

Yanna came back from her first day of school with a B! Finally some forward progress with her. She’s been pretty boring this chapter

Baby time!

Another set of twin boys! Everyone meet baby #81, Cooper (held by Xavia) and baby #82, Dylan (in the green bassinet)

And that’s it for this chapter. The girls are still at school, so I’m hoping that Yanna gets an A so we can have some progress. I felt like we didn’t do a lot this chapter since Yanna was a child the whole time lol

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