Chapter 72 – Messed Up Family Trees

Hello! And welcome back! I got your daily dose of 100 baby goodness right here! And Xavia has your daily dose of gumbo!

Kiddos #74, Violet and #75, Wyatt, are both browsing the web. And they can continue too since they have the needed skills and their homework is done.

Kid #76, Xander, is watching an action movie. He is also good for school tomorrow. So I expect all the triplets to get to A’s and moved out really soon here

And here’s baby #77, Yanna! She’s tired and wants a nap. But that’s not gonna happen since she needs some skills!

Here’s her current levels:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Potty

Level 1: Thinking

And our newest member, Baby #78, Zola! Who’s in need of some super-efficient baby care

It’s 4:30 in the morning, so I was smart this time and went right to Yuri instead of calling only to be told he was sleeping

I’d he was randomly out in the water, but he’s a mermaid. So I guess it kinda makes sense lol

But we eventually got right down to business

Baby incoming! Time to go home!

Potty time is hard stuff!

Why do I always forget to pay bills? At least I don’t do this in real life, otherwise I would be in BIG trouble lol

Welp, Wyatt and Xander both got A’s. Violet is still at a B. She had a chance card at school and I picked the wrong answer and she had a performance loss, so that’s on me. Whoops. Tomorrow, though!

So we had homework time together

I forgot that we were working on a servo (well, we’re technically working on a mechanism here, but whatever). But thinking about it, I’m not sure I want it in the house since it’ll take up a space… But I’m close to the end anyway? Hmmm, I dunno.

This is Yanna happy because she finally got all her skills to level 3!

So it was time for cake!

And here is the little stinker! She’ll only have one day of school this week, so I’m not going to push her for school. Her needs are pretty shit right now I doubt I would get her to do anything productive.

Violet got her A, so it’s cake time for the Triplets! Finally. I really don’t like triplets lol

Violet, as the oldest, goes first

Wyatt goes next

And finally Xander

And we kicked them out. Bye bye

Please don’t let us have triplets ever again

With the kids out on their own, it was time to find the next daddy! So we went on a trip to San Myshuno!

Everyone meet Zane Harris! He was kindly donated to us by snazzle from boolprop! Thanks Snazzle!

Don’t let that smile fool you, he was a tough one. He did NOT want to join the list of daddies.

But too bad for him, he was slotted in for the next chapter

Xavia lost her first child. And she still has 14 days before she becomes an adult…

This is so weird. And it’s one messed up family tree

MY GARDEN!!!! Face Screaming in Fear on Google Android 8.0 Face Screaming in Fear on Google Android 8.0 Face Screaming in Fear on Google Android 8.0 Face Screaming in Fear on Google Android 8.0 Face Screaming in Fear on Google Android 8.0

Yanna came home with a C which I’m not surprised about. So she’s going to have her work cut out for her next week

Zola aged up! And she’s a cutie!

And she started skilling right away! She’s having a very sophisticated conversation with the Dino

Yanna’s needs are finally decent, so she can start working on her stuff that she needs done for school

It’s baby time!

It’s twins! Welcome baby #79, Alec (being held by Xavia) and baby #80, Brent (in the pink bassinet)

Not gonna lie, when I got Brent’s pop-up, I was worried we’d end up with triplets again.

Thank god we didn’t lol

And here’s where we wrap up things for this chapter! Join us next time for more baby fun!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 72 – Messed Up Family Trees

  1. I was also thinking about more tripplets when the other ones grew up lol thankfully it was just twins, twins are manageable xD

    Only 20 more kids to go! You’re so close!!

    Liked by 1 person

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