Chapter 64 – Boys Boys Boys

Welcome back! We’re gonna jump right into things here! We have Xavia who’s actually not doing anything for a change when we start the game!

Kid #62, Jackson, is enjoying an action movie.

And his “twin” sister, kid #63, Kallie is browsing the web.

Kid #64 Luke, is browsing kid-friendly websites.

And kid #65, Myles is getting his dance on.

His current skills are at:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Potty

Level 1: Imagination, Thinking

And the newest additions to the family! Baby #66, Noah, who’s the crying one on the left and Baby #67, Owen, who’s the sleeping baby on the right lol

And once we took care of Noah’s needs, we invited over Robert so that we can keep this challenge rolling!

But AGAIN he was sleeping. I mean it is 6:30 AM… So I guess we’ll just wait for 7 to invite him over. I don’t want to deal with loading screens just for a 30 minute window lol

In the meantime, we took care of some needs.

We managed to get Robert over. (Now a few hours after 7…whoops)

And we were successful!!

The fridge is, once again, close to empty so we’re back at the stove.

Jackson came home with an A! But Kallie did not. And, just to remind everyone, I age up twins together. So since Kallie is at a B, Jackson has to stick around til she brings home that A.

We have a trash plant again. Ugh.

Which reminded me that I needed to do some work in our actual garden.

While the older kids were at school, Myles followed Xavia around the house to work on his thinking.

Kallie STILL didn’t get an A. She’s really getting on my nerves.

But then I remembered that she’s our current heiress, so I can’t move her out anyway when she ages up lol

On a positive note, Luke got an A!

So Luke gets a cake!

And here he is! I love his look so much!

Fun Fact: I wasn’t gonna give him glasses, but he had them already on his cold weather wear and I loved it so much that I added it to his other outfits lol

And this is Myles getting his final skill to level 3!

So it was time for cake!

And he aged up hungry. But now he’s capable of getting his own food, so I don’t care lol

And so that I didn’t forget to do it, we went and looked for the next baby daddy! So we took a trip to Windenburg!

Everyone meet Sigfried Taylor! Made for us by SalemSvartulv! Thank you!

And things went really well.

And we have him in the bag!

And when we got back from wooing Sigfried, it was time for Noah and Owen to age up!

Xavia is finally at a high enough skill to craft a servo. But we need a LOT of stuff for it… yikes lol

All the teens have A’s now! So it’s cake time!

Jackson goes first!

Kallie goes next

And then Luke, who was only a teen for a day lol

And we kicked out the boys.

Kallie gets to stay since she is our current heir. Although, I don’t think she’ll be needed at all, but we’re gonna keep her just in case something drastic happens to Xavia.

Myles is hard at work learning so that he can leave the house just like his big bros

And it’s baby time!

And here’s the obligatory father freak out before the poof!

Everyone meet baby #68, Preston!

…and it’s a boy… Which means Kallie is going to be around for another update…


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