Chapter 63 – Trouble

Hello and welcome back! We have entered February! Last month we published 6 chapters and had 7 kids. So if we keep up with that pace, we should finish around June or July. Cross your fingers!

But back to the present, we start with a check in of those currently living in the house! And we start with Xavia who is, again, at the grill making food.

Kid #60, Harper is STILL around… Here’s hoping that she’ll finally leave during this chapter.

It is 1am Sunday too, so she’s at least here for another 38 hours.

And then there’s kid #61, Isaac is browsing the web.

Kid #62 Jackson is back on the monkey bars. This kid loves them

And kid #63 Kallie is fighting the good fight in one of the bathrooms.

Baby #64 Luke is making stank face in his sleep. This is what happens when you go to bed angry.

Here’s his skill levels at the moment:

Level 3: Communication, Imagination, Movement

Level 2: Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And the newest addition to the family, baby #65 Myles!

And as soon Xavia was done with her food, we called over Brooks!

…………………………..and he was sleeping because of course that’s what you do at 1:40 AM………………………

So we cheated a little bit and went to him so we didn’t have to wait until morning lol

Time is of the essence people! We’re down to 17 days left of young adulthood!

sleeping my ass…

Well we got right to business! Brooks looks like he can’t believe that this is happening lol

And success! Time to vacate the premises.

Jackson is finding a creative way to express his anger. All over the backyard.

Dumbass Isaac somehow managed to get himself stuck under the damn stairs…

Which of course lead to a bladder fail.

Did I mention that he’s a dumbass?

Luke got all his toddler skills to level 3, so it’s time for a birthday!

Cake time!

Geez. Finally. My dog sat on my computer cord TWICE while he was aging up and caused my computer to restart. So after about 15 minutes of trying, we got him aged up and made over.

Stupid dog.

But not really. She’s adorable…

I mean, how can you be mad at this?!

Kids were at school, so we went off to StrangerVille to find the next dad!

Everyone meet Robert Manto! Kindly donated to us by JagPacker26 over on the officials! Robert is the Founder of his Let’s Play, which you can find links for over HERE.

Also, you’ll notice that Harper and Isaac came home with A’s! So they’ll get a birthday when we get back from Roberts

Which shouldn’t be too long since he was like putty in Xavia’s hands lol

I hate to woohoo and go, but… we woohoo’d and went

Weirdly though, they had an audience. lol

And when we got home, it was time for a couple birthdays!

And we kicked them out! Bye Bye!

And right after that, the other three kiddos had a homework session!

She wasn’t even moved out for a few hours before she was back…

Myles aged up! And man does he look like a trouble maker!

Luke came home with a B on his first day of school! And Jackson and Kallie both got A’s! So they get a couple of birthdays!

And they don’t really look happy about it, do they…

So it was cake time!

And here they are! Probably won’t be here much longer. But there ya go.

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

They must have had a meeting with the doctor about his cosplay. He was dressed normally today.

It was sad

It’s twins!

So! Everyone, meet baby #66, Noah, on the left and baby #67, Owen on the right.

…That’s a LOT of boys… 6 of our last 7 kids have been boys…

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for maybe another girl!