Chapter 42 – TOO MANY B-DAYS

Welcome Back! I know! I took a really long break. I took a break from updating because I just wanted to play. So I played and I played. I have enough for 2 or 3 updates for each of my stories. And then Get Famous came out and I wanted to play that! (Which is awesome and I love it). And then the holidays hit so I got busy…

But anyway! We start this update with Quinn looking super uncomfortable. She’s not ready for another baby. But too bad! There’s empty space!

Kid #35 Isobel is happy. No idea why.

Kid #36 Justin is… well I don’t know. He’s playing a game and I don’t think it’s going right…

Kid #37 Keagan REALLY needs to pee, so get out of his way!

Kid #38 Lacie is nappin’

Kid #39 Madilynn is of course sad because of the broken dollhouse…

Surprise surprise…

And kid #40, Nikki is just having fun. She don’t care about anything but her toys

(Also, just to put into perspective how much I’ve played: None of these kids are living in the house anymore lol)

Our garden has definitely seen better days… And too bad Isobel is too tired to help. So it’s all on Quinn. New baby is on hold

Baby is on hold again… We have broken plumbing that I’ve been neglecting…

Kids are back from school! Justin managed to grab an A. But Keagan did not. So no birthdays for them.

And since the fridge was empty and everyone was hungry we had to make some food. This chapter isn’t starting out how I wanted it too…

But it’s finally baby time!!!

Meet Quinn Lighting! They’re name twinsies! He was graciously loaned to me by Teresa over on boolprop. And coincidentally, she just finished her own 100 baby challenge! Check it out here! And you can even see a couple of our kids make appearances as daddies!

He looks super suspicious of that hand on his shoulder!

And before we could even get out of the bed to take the pregancy test, we were bombarded with calls. Shayne died.

But that’s okay because we’re expecting a new baby anyway!!

Nooooooo! The other two triplets died! Quinn is the only one left

Good news and bad news. Bad news: It’s the weekend. So the kids are stuck home for a couple days. (Notice, Isobel is still here because she still doesn’t have that A). Good News: It’s the weekend. So there’s plenty of time to get them ready for school on monday

Awe, maybe it’s a good thing that she’s still around. Nikki looks so happy!

The current heir is being taken care of. All her siblings love her!

Toddler birthdays!!

Here they are! Obviously, that’s Madilynn with the black hair and Nikki with the blonde.

And as you can see they’re hard at work for school monday. Homework and skilling

And as the current heir, Nikki has the added pressure of needing to work on her aspiration.

Whoops. Quinn had an accident. Stupid pregnancy with the small bladder.

Hi Carly! Thanks for the help! We needed it!

Isobel and the boys came home with A’s! And Lacie, Madilynn, and Nikki all got B’s!

Successful day at work!

Birthday for Isobel!

Bye Bye! I’ll miss your help.

But now it’s up to the boys!

Keagan looks like he’s got an eye twitch here…

Here they are! Justin on left and Keagan on right

They are almost identical except the hair and eye color

Quinn had another accident.

I’m so glad this isn’t a scored deal like my ISBI…

Justin… Step away. From the stove…

That look in his eyes is manic!

Baby time!

No hospital since her needs are actually all in the green for once.

More twins! Meet Baby #41 (and our new heir, so Nikki can relax) Oakleigh and baby #42 Pierce! Finally another boy!

Join us next time for more fun!

16 thoughts on “Chapter 42 – TOO MANY B-DAYS

  1. Sometimes I just want to play too, so I totally understand! 😄 I don’t know if you got my reply on the gallery so I’ll just tell you here – my name on the forums is Hyacinth but I’m not very active on there. 😉


  2. Isobel didn’t get too many of her daddy’s features. lol

    If you need any more baby daddies, you are welcome to search my gallery. ID is the same as it is here. I have some cuties there you can choose from. 🙂


    1. Upload him with the hashtags #operationrepopulation or #mojot89 then let me know the Sims name and your origin ID and if you want me to link to a story of yours or not. Also let me your username for the forums 🙂


      1. Thanks! He’s not in any stories, but if you want, you can promote my sims 3 challenge. It’s called The Lovelace Legacy – A 100 Baby Challenge. ☺


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