Chapter 43 – Out With The Old

Welcome back!! We begin this chapter with Quinn doing a little bit of cleaning.

Kids #36 Justin and #37 Keagan are busy doing their school projects. Good. Get them out of the house

Kid #38 Lacie, is having a “snack”

Kid #39 Madilynn is sleeping

Kid #40 Nikki is playing games. She’s enjoying not having the pressure of being the next matriarch.

And here are our newest additions! Baby #41 Oakleigh and #42 Pierce!

Kids came home from  school! And the boys brought home A’s!

Keagan looks like a chubby chipmunk right here. Weirdo

Well, you know what A’s mean! Birthdays!

And then we said good bye. Obviously, Quinn is heartbroken.

Quinn: Adios!

I got her off the treadmill and it was time to find the next baby daddy!

Quinn: Say what now?

And we were off to Oasis Springs!

Meet Blaine Simons! He was graciously gifted to us from Azzywoods. Go check out her ISBI! It’s hilarious!

Well, one thing lead to another and……

Baby incoming!

What’s this? OUR NEW HOUSE! The other one was getting cramped. And I just felt like it was time for a new one lol

It’s unfinished because I ran out of money lol

Here’s the first floor. You can see the kitchen with a HUGE island and dinning table on the left, the enclosed garden (this makes me so happy), the playroom at the top, the matriarch bedroom, the toddler room, and then the main living area. As you can see there is A LOT of room here. And I love it.

And here’s the second floor. Again another HUGE living area. This will be where most of the skill objects go. And then all the kid’s bedrooms.

And since we have $12 to our name, Quinn was sent hacking to make us money immediately lol we have mouths to feed

Home work session!

Also, I didn’t realize how tall those chairs were. I might have to change them.

It’s winterfest! The girls are helping mom decorate the tree

And I think they did a mighty fine job!

Carly came out to haunt and she’s maaaaaad. She’s probably pissed because I tore down the house that she built.


You don’t even live here anymore. Get over it

managed to get all the wall and floor coverings put on.

(except the porch floors. I just noticed that)

Hiya Lacie!

Lacie: I’m a bear. RAWR!!!!!

*screams in fake terror*

Birthdays for the (newest) twins!


And this is another important moment. ALL the girls came home with A’s!

So birthdays!

First up, Lacie!

Then Madilynn

And finally, Nikki!

And then it was another homework session before school tomorrow! I’m crossing my fingers that they all get A’s again and I can move them out!

Well, Lacie brought home an A the next day. And so did Nikki. But Madilynn didn’t. So the twins will stick around.

But I can move Lacie out! So we had another birthday!

Bye, Lacie! I feel like we didn’t have much time together. 😦

She is one of my favorite makeovers though

And just like that, it was time to fill some empty spaces!

(Notice Lacie came back into the house. She must have been cold)

I see On Ley Line markers!

And we were rewarded!

Another set of boy/girl twins! Welcome baby #43 (and our new heir who hopefully inherits her father’s black hair) Qiana, and #44 Roman!


14 thoughts on “Chapter 43 – Out With The Old

      1. 😭😭😭I want to but life has been very busy because I started university this autumn…I swear I’ll get round to it! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂


  1. Yes! Red hair! Oooh so cute! I love toddlers, but *especially* those with red hair!
    All the girls are so cuuuuute!
    The house is so gorgeous! Will you do a few house pictures for us when you feel it’s more furnished/complete? I love seeing how people design their houses! Glad to be caught up on this story again!


  2. Caughtup with another one! You’ve been having lots of twins in a row, super! And it’s great Oakleigh (btw, love the name!) And Pierce got red hair! They look beautiful!
    Blaine is pretty good looking so let’s hope he makes some cute kids! At least do far Qiana aparently had darker skin than Quinn so that’s a good sign as a heir! 😀 btw, It would be funny if she endd up being the heir, two Q-names in a row xD


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