Chapter 25 – Moving Fast

Welcome back everyone! We’re back again with another update of my 100 baby challenge! If you remember, last time we saw Theo FINALLY age up and moved out to make room for our newest addition, baby #26, Zelena! And we’ve made it all the way through the alphabet for the first time! Well, let’s move one to the fun stuff! We have a lot to do, with all of our kids toddler age or younger… oh boy.

Let’s start the family check with Carly taking care of the newest addition, Zelena!

Quinn looks like she’s over it. Sorry, honey, you’re still going to be kicking out kids. You just get a short break while the house is at capacity.

Quinn: Oh. Wonderful…

Baby #21 Ulric is playing dolls with baby #25 Yuma! Brotherly bonding here

Baby #22 Victor, #23 Whitney, and #24 Xavier are having their own little pow wow downstairs.

Thankfully, Ulric and Victor have their birthdays so we have two less toddlers running around.

First up was Ulric

Then it was Victor’s turn!

lolololol Quinn looks like she’s just faking that smile

Here they are! They look SOOOO much like their dad lol. There’s Ulric in the red and Victor in the blue.

Gardening with the gardener! It’s nice to have help!

*le sigh* This is really annoying…

So I cheated, and bought this and did the whole alien prevention thing. So we’re crossing our fingers to hope that it works.

So Ulric and Victor had their first day of school and came home with B’s! So we’re hard at work on those A’s!

Well that obviously was a waste of money. Ughhhh. Bye Carly. See you in six hours.

2nd day of school and they already have A’s! I think I’ve died and gone to heaven! (See Zelena is still a baby!) I honestly couldn’t believe it when I saw those notifications!

This just means that Theo was stupid since it took him so long to move out.

So it’s birthday time for the twins again! And again, Ulric goes first!

And then it was Victor!

That’s Ulric on the left and Victor on the right. Ulric is sporting a UFO tee in honor of Carly’s second family.

And then Zelena had her birthday! She’s a little cutie!

And then Whitney hand a birthday! (This is a lot, sorry. It kinda took me by surprise too, lol)

And we got her right to work on her homework. She doesn’t look happy about it either lol

Ulric is being a good big bro and helping out with the toddlers!

It’s the weekend here in the Fairchild household so anyone who’s of age is skilling and working on their school work.

No idea how the back door got set as the front door… I wondered what the hell he was doing standing out there lol!

This guy never. leaves. He’s ALWAYS around and he keeps coming back every time I kick him off the lot with MCCC… I can’t wait until Xavier and Yuma age up so he doesn’t come over anymore. And their birthday is tomorrow. So I’m going to end this chapter here so that I don’t completely overload you with birthdays!! Until next time!


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