Chapter 24 – Insert Title Here

Hello hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile 😥 I got super busy with events over on BoolProp, plus my brother is getting married next year, and his fiance keeps asking me for help. So when thanksgiving came around and I had extra time off, I was super excited to play! …And then my computer crashed. I was devastated! But never fear! My new computer is here! I spent all last week getting it set up and making sure everything was working. Thankfully, I had backed up my games a couple of days before the crash, so I only lost my newest (as of yet) unpublished story and a few sim days of my baby boom challenge. So we can get back to some regular-ish updates! But you don’t care about that! You want babies! So onward to the chapter!!

We begin with Carly fixing up the doll house. This has been happening quite frequently and I have NO idea who’s responsible…

Quinn is busy chatting up with baby #23, Whitney! Doesn’t look like it’s going well does it? Whitney looks so sad!

Kid #20, Theo, is STILL around! I got him going on his homework so that maybe he’ll get an A… He’s been on the cusp of an A for a while now. I don’t know what’s taking so long, but it’s really annoying.

Ulric, kid #21, is NOT a fan of his new brothers. Get over it kid! It’s not gonna stop anytime soon!

And kid #22, Victor, is conquering the stairs! Look at that determined face!

And here’s the newest members of the family! Baby #24, Victor (on the left) and Baby #25, Yuma (on the right)!

The very next day, Theo came home with an A! FINALLY!!! So now we can kick him out!

But first the official birthday!

He just really doesn’t want to leave…

So the minute he woke up, we kicked him out! And he doesn’t not look happy lol

After Theo left, that left us with an open spot in the house! So we’re off to find the next daddy!

And he’s home!

Meet Adrian Pemberton! He’s the first son of the Pemberton 100 Baby Challenge written by Kaylaholiday and you can check it out here!

As someone who grew up in the 100 baby challenge environment, Adrian knew the deal!

So things went really well!

And we were expecting after round 1! Woo!

WTF are the stars for? She seriously walked around with the starts following her for a LONG time. And then they just disappeared. W.T.F.

(see now there are no stars) We bought a new computer! I completely forgot that we still had the super cheap-ass computer from waaaaaay back in the beginning. So it was time for an upgrade!

Victor, why can’t you be productive? See Whitney? She’s being productive with her time. Be like Whitney.

Xavier (left) and Yuma (right) aged up! They’re so cuteeee!

Our garden is still going strong! And even Ulric is helping out!

*sigh* Bye again, Carly…

A/N: This is actually the 2nd time this play session. I just missed the pic the first time. I had hoped that she wouldn’t be an alien magnet on this computer… but obviously that didn’t happen. 

It’s baby time!

Don’t look so happy, Quinn, geez

Welcome baby #26, Zelena! And with that, our house is full again! And we have 5 toddlers… We should have waited a bit between the pregnancies… Now we have to wait forever to have more kids…