Chapter 20 – And We’re Still Waiting

Hello everyone! Is it just me, or does it feel like we’ve been waiting for Quinn to age up for forever?! Hopefully, we’ll get there in this chapter! But before that, let’s start with a check-in with the whole family! Here’s Carly, just looking happy.

Here’s kid #16, Parker, napping.

#17 Quinn, our heiress.

#18 Reese, who’s currently in a “mood”

#19 Shayne, who is eating outside for some weird reason.

And finally, #20 Theo, who’s enjoying his day

As you can see, our garden is coming along nicely. Parker is doing lots of work with it.

Someone broke our poor dollhouse! No idea who it was since none of the kids have any mean traits…Bizarre.

Shayne came home with an A! Time to wake up an have a birthday!

Hiya, Handsome!

Shayne: I need food!

He’s always hungry. Reminds me of my brother…

Gardening is a family affair! Got to keep those teens busy so they don’t get into any trouble!

These two are best friends. They’re always hanging out with each other! ❤

Gave her the best selling Author aspiration. I’m hoping to get her the free services trait. That’s a mighty big garden and we’re gonna need a gardener every once in a while to help out.

Here we go again… She’s an alien abduction MAGNET!

Theo came home with an A! (Shayne and Theo have had NO problems with getting A’s. Apparently it’s just a triplet issue *insert eye roll here*)

Duck lips!!

He looks a lot like his father!

Oh Carly… Well at least the boys are doing their homework… even if they don’t seem to care that their elderly mother just passed out in front of them. lol

bahahaha! That face! It’s so great!

Also, Quinn was the only triplet who came home with an A. Shayne did too, but as he’s younger than the triplets, I have a problem aging him up before them… So he’s stuck as a teen for now.

(I’m so eager to get this moving, I may have just played a few days without taking pics…) So here we are a couple days later and Parker and Reese both got A’s! So it’s birthday time!

Also, WHAT is Reese wearing?! lol





Gave Carly a youth potion, so that she’s able to help with the kids and the garden for a little bit.

(I’m tempted to keep all the matriarch alive throughout the challenge for multiple reasons. Child care, gardening, sentimental stuffs… but we’ll see. That would mean less space in the house for kids, but there were times during Carly’s reign that I wished there was someone else there to help out with the child care. I’ll have to think on this.)

What’s this? Where did the house go? Oh that’s right! We moved to a brand new shiny save! So unfortunately, we lost all of Carley’s kids, but I’m convinced that the reason why my game was so laggy was because there were so many and they were a reproducing and stressing out the save.

So I plopped down the house! And I also deleted all the pre-mades. I was sick of seeing the same sims walk by lol.

We sent Parker, Reese, and Shayne on their way. Bye boys!

And Carly’s officially passed off the reigns to Quinn!

So next time we’ll resume the baby-making challenge! Wish us luck!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 20 – And We’re Still Waiting

  1. Ok I’m finally caught up to Quinn! What a ride! I can’t wait to see how she does – she’s absolutely gorgeous! You’ve got me super tempted to boot into my Sims files to play, but alas I’m going to keep reading! I’m hooked!


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