Chapter 67 – Lock Down

Welcome back! We begin this chapter with Xavia who is back at the grill

Kid #63, Kallie is around for a little bit longer. She’ll be moved out once we get Xavia pregnant again (which will happen right after the kid check lol)

So her minutes are numbered

Kid #66, Noah, is still sitting on a B, so after this he’ll be kicked off the computer so he can do his homework.

But it is Saturday… So we’re going to have to wait a couple of days.

Kid #67, Owen, DOES have an A, but has to wait for his twin brother (Noah) to get that A before they can both age up.

Kid #68, Preston is at a C. So he’s got his work cut out for him.

Baby #69, Quill, is my little dancing king!

His skills are currently sitting at:

Level 3: Communication, Movement

Level 2: Imagination, Thinking

Level 1: Potty

And our newest addition and new heiress, Baby #70, Rylee!

And since I was paying attention, I didn’t waste my time calling him at 2:30AM only to be told he was sleeping. So we went right over to his house!

Alright Mr. Rick Lightning, your booty call has arrived!

And success! Baby #71 is on the way!

With Xavia pregnant, it’s time for Kallie to move out. Which we did the second we got home lol

This servo is taking me AGES to make! *le sigh*

We are at level 10 though

With homework done and the two youngest sleeping, we headed off to find the next baby daddy!

Why hello there, Laurant Sims! He was kindly donated to us by Azzywoods! He was *technically* made for Quinn, but obviously we didn’t get to him before the reigns were handed over. So Xavia is the lucky winner!

Shagged and Bagged, ready for his turn next time

Preston still needed a skill to level 4, so he did some reading on sunday

Quill gets all his skills to level 3 and it’s time for a birthday!

So let them have cake!!

And here he is, double fisting a sleep replacement and fun replacement.

With his fun and energy back in the green he started his homework and his skills

So hopefully him and Preston will be on the same track together

Kiddos came home from school! Noah managed to get that A, so the twins can age up! And, as predicted, both Preston and Quill got B’s!

Noah goes first

And Owen goes next.

And here they are! That’s Noah on the left and Owen on the right.

Rylee also aged up!! She’s so cute!!

So I finally decided to lock the toddlers in their own wing. They are not allowed out of this area lol

Now they are on lock down like most of America…

It’s baby time!

Obligatory father freak out!

Everyone welcome baby #71, Sarah!