Chapter 41 – We’re On A Break

Welcome back! Today we start with Quinn who is resting up for busy busy chapter

Child #35, Isobel (who I’m very disappointed is a kid yet…) is also sleeping. She’ll be working her butt off in this chapter. I promise you

Child #36, Justin is being a good boy and cleaning up around the house

Child #37, Keagan is crying over our dollhouse. I have no idea who broke it (it could have been anyone in the house…) and whoever it was is an asshole.

kid #38, Lacie is being a good girl and sleeping like she’s supposed too since she doesn’t want to do it at night…

*Missing: kid #39 Madilynn. Last seen sleeping and ignoring the world* (AKA: Mojo forgot to snap the pic…)

MEANWHILE! Kid #40 Nikki chose to wake up Isobel (who needed sleep) because she needed a bath. ISOBEL CAN’T EVEN GIVE HER A BATH!!

Here we are with Quinn working on a school project (I think it was Keagan’s).

As the oldest 3 are all kids and the youngest 3 are all toddlers, I’ve decided (willingly) that this is going to be a filler chapter and I’m going to focus on the kids and the toddlers.

Carly is cleaning up a mess that she was responsible.

Next time, don’t break the sink! (And shower, but you can’t see that…)

After a REALLY LONG time, I finally got Quinn the best bed money can buy. Well, at least it’s one of the ones with 10s in all it’s stat categories.

If you ever wondered what Isobel, Justin, and Keagan would look like as one sim, WONDER NO MORE! Isustgan is here!!

After splitting apart, I’m able to tell you that Isobel came home with an A! Birthday time!!

After a quick shower, it was time for the cake!!

And here she is! Rockin’ those overalls and ready to work! Well maybe not that last one…

Look guys! I bought a second computer! (finally… It’s been a hard go with only one computer…)

And the new desks are mainly because I wanted to up the house value because I switched Quinn’s aspiration to mansion baron for a hot sec.

I call bullshit! She’s around EVERY NIGHT! There’s no way that her spirit is fading. Regardless, I sent Isobel out to strengthen her ties or whatever it’s called.

Lacie’s birthday!!

I’ll miss her little fairy wings!!

From a fairy to a cat! She’s cute! Cute and smelly… Someone get that girl a shower!

I’M SO GLAD THERE’S A TEEN IN THE HOUSE AGAIN! Isobel has been a huge lifesaver for me! She does a lot of parenting stuff for the twins along side Quinn. They divide and conquer lol

Harvestfest came around again. And as you can see, that damn alien gnome is giving us problems. It took Quinn many tries (everyone else was asleep) to make him happy.

Don’t ever leave me!

(but I’ll let you go anyway when you get an A. But I’ll hate every minute of it.)

As the current heir, we’re really making sure that Nikki is working hard on all her skills

And we’re going to end this here with Carly Quinn ready for a new baby.