Chapter 40 – Unexpected Filler

Welcome back! Quinn has a little “Me Time” so she’s hacking the Lothario Trust Fund. I think that’s a good use of her time since we have a full house and to day is Friday…

And kids #34 Hadley and #35 Isobel didn’t come home with A’s. Which means Hadley’s gonna be around all weekend.

Kids #36 Justin and #37 Keagan are skilling. And obviously they are working on imagination.

And kid #38 Lacie is working on… movement I think? She must be, because there’s no way she’s level two of thinking…

And here are babies #39 Madilynn and #40 Nikki! And as of now, Nikki is our heir! *please have black hair!*

Well, since we have the whole weekend, I bought the girls a school project in the hopes that when they go to school on monday, they’ll get those A’s

Today is the twin’s birthday! (both sets!) But I want the boys to have that Happy Toddler trait, so they’re gonna skill until the last possible minute

And while they are busy skilling, we’re going to age up the girls!

*sigh* Madilynn got Erick’s black hair, but Nikki did not. I’M SO DONE WITH BLONDE HAIR!

The boys got the last of their skills to level 3, so they’re ready for their cakes!

And here they are! Cuties~~ ❤

Gosh Lacie is adorable with her little butterfly wings!

Quinn is sad that she’s been relegated to housework for this chapter. She’s missin’ the lovin’ that she’s been getting

Potty training suckkkkks!

Also: Notice that we finally added training potties to the ground floor. #itsaboutdamntime

Monday after school, Hadley came home with an A! Isobel did not. And Keagan brought home a B. Justin did not.

And maybe he didn’t get the B because he was sleepy. Derrrrrp

Any! It was birthday time!!!

And she’s throwing some sad sass our way before she leaves the house.

I’ll miss her many faces

Quinn is off to bed with the wonderful thoughts of more babies in the next chapter! Join us next time for more nooboos! (probably a single since Isobel is still a child)