Chapter 38 – It’s A Date

Welcome back! Let me tell you, it feels really weird to start the family check with Quinn. I miss Carly and her food eating 😦 But in her honor, we start with Quinn making food

Kid #33 Gavin is busy nappin’. He’s too lazy to change into PJs and actually sleep, so napping it is.

Kid #34 Hadley is sad that grandma is no longer around to play dolls with her. That was their thing, Carly always played dolls with Hadley

Kid #35 Isobel is taking after her older brother and is napping instead of sleeping

And the newest additions: Baby #36 Justin who’s sleeping and his more annoying twin brother, Baby #37 Keagan

And appropriately, today is Love Day! The next baby daddy is in for a TREAT!

So we headed off to Windenburg to pick up our date!

I’m in love with the look of this house! It’s one I downloaded off the gallery, but I cannot remember who created it! I’m sorry 😦

Meet Yuri Lee Harker! He’s from Michael Lee Harker: International Sim of Mystery by BookLoverBlue! Go check it out HERE! Thanks for letting me use him!

Also: Their child is doomed to have the blonde hair… lol

With love day in the air, Yuri got his flirt on all by himself!

And we went off for our date! ……at the pool?

……there was a closet.

And I had to break into it. I didn’t realize it was a club space… and the date had already started. Whoops

Getting out those knots!

He borked. I have literally NO IDEA how he got in there. Maybe he picked up alien hints from his bro? Anyway, I had to break him out.

So much breaking and entering in this chapter… lol

After what seemed like AGES (Quinn’s energy has been in the red since before we even left the main house…), we finally got things done!

Also, I’m glad to see that Quinn enjoyed herself this time!

Unlike the closet woohoo with Charles a few chapters ago.

Sorry, VanPelt…

But even though Quinn enjoyed herself, we were unsuccessful… So we’re off for round two!

… Back at his place?

The date ended, so we had to go visit him. Again.

This has been super draining for both me and Quinn……

But we were finally successful! So we cooled it with Yuri and got the hell out of dodge.

Back on the homestead: They look so similar, you’d think that they’re twins! They’re even synced with their movements!

But they’re not.

CARLY! Welcome back! Thanks for changing Justin’s diaper!

But he needs a bottle too. Can ya help a girl out?

Aw Hadley, you were so close to making it! Obviously whatever you were doing previously was more important than sleep.

Note: It was. She needed to eat. I thought she was gonna get taken

……Which might have been a better idea…… I hate the mess making

Poor Gavin had to spend his whole weekend potty training the toddlers.

And he does NOT look happy about it.

Suck it up, buttercup

Justin (on the right) and Keagan (on the left) had their birthday!! …well at least Keagan has a different shade of blonde…

And then Hadley had a birthday!

She’s rocking the sunglasses sent to her by her father, Charles!

And we got her going right on the vampire skill

I was glad her birthday was on a Sunday, that way she’ll be able to grow up pretty fast and get out so we have more room for moar babies

Oh my goodness! He’s so excited! I don’t even remember why! He’s just sooooo happppyyyyyy!

These boys! They pull the cutest faces! I love them!

Gavin nabbed that A!

And Hadley is on her way to aging up too!

So birthday for Gavin!

Bye bye!!

Ummmm, Hadley? Is that cereal? In your bedroom? -_-

Hadley: Yeah. What of it?

Oooooo! Sassy!

It is about time! This has been a long chapter because of the date fiasco!

Obligatory daddy freak out!

Yuri is a poofer.


Quinn is not impressed that we have a new doctor.

Welcome to the family, Baby #38, Lacie!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 38 – It’s A Date

  1. The twins are so cute! And that sassy look of Hadley is great xD

    Sorry about the bad date xD but at least Quinn got the job done at the end, welcome Lacie!


    1. Yeah Hadley really pulls off those sunglasses! 😎 lol

      That date was doomed from the start lol! Quinn’s stats were horrible before she even left the house so im not surprised that it took more than 1 try to get it done lol


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