Chapter 36 – So Many Girls

Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! We start this chapter off with Carly doing something OTHER than eating! I mean she’s washing her plate after just finishing eating, but hey. It’s the small victories. lol

Quinn is eating while baby #31 is busy daydreaming.

#32, Freya is REALLY into her game…

Baby #33 Gavin is being a happy toddler!

And our newest addition, baby #34, Hadley!

We let Quinn finish her food before we set off to find the next baby daddy.

Off to Oasis Springs!

Meet Zander Maynard! He’s from the story We Own Tonight by Skcaga6! Go check it out!

He was so started by our visit that he started a fire. lolz, whoops!

After extinguishing the fire first we got right down to the fun stuff!

With Quinn’s beguiling trait, he was putty in our hands!

And success! Baby #35 is on the way!

And there goes Carly…

While reading one of Teresa’s stories from BoolProp, I learned a tip/trick/hack about skilling. Apparently the vampire lore skill levels up really fast, so I’ll probably have all the kids learn that one since it’s the easiest. That way they can spend more time taking care of their needs.

Oh Quinn. Pregnant life must be hard.

Hadley aged up! Look at those green eyes!

Baby time! I must not have taken many pics this pregnancy…. whoops.



Quinn: And cue poof


Meet Baby #35, Isobel!

*again, she was supposed to have a twin brother, but MCCC failed me*


13 thoughts on “Chapter 36 – So Many Girls

    1. I dont think its just the hospital. Because ive have twins and triplets all born at the hospital. It was broke with the MCCC update. But Deaderpool just released a new update with said that the issue was fixed so lets cross our fingers!

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  1. Awwwn it’s a shame for the Lost twin again D: MCCC wants to make this challenge longer! But congrats on Isobel! Lovely name 😀 and Hedley looks adorable ❤


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