Chapter 33 – It’s A Birthday!

Hi! So you know how we usually start with a list of the kids that are currently in the house? Well, Quinn had other ideas. I was moving in the next dad and I usually play them for a hot sec just to get them into their house. So when I go to open up the 100 baby house, Quinn was out and about! And where was she? Visiting the new dad! So we’re getting right to work!

“Why is it raining?”

That’s what usually happens when you have weather. You have… weather…


Knock knock!

(House totally built by me for my Drifter challenge! And it’s available on the gallery! /end shameless plug)

Meet Sterling Berlett! Made for Quinn by SalemSvartulv! Go check out their downloads on the gallery! Origin username is Ginnynena!

Needless to say… things went VERY well!

And baby #33 is on it’s way!

Now on with our regularly scheduled program! Checking up on the family! And, surprise surprise, Carly’s grabbing some food.

Also, Quinn finally reached level ten of the parenting skill so I don’t quite need Carly to stick around anymore. So I’ve decided that when it’s her time to go… I’m gonna let her go. No matter how much it’ll kill me.

And here’s kid #28, Brenden doing… I have NO idea what he’s doing…

“That’s the window into mommy’s room! We’re not allowed in there…”


Kid #29, Chase is hungry? But playing dolls? This kid definitely know how to take care of himself.

And kid #30 is actually doing something useful with her time and skilling! Even though she has all the points she needs for her A. She’s an overachiever. I like her, too bad she’s not the heir…

Baby #31 Eleana is having a shocking poop! Surprise!

And our current heir, Baby #32 Freya! Who’s having moody issues

Gardening…… Boooooo. I really need to find something else to make money. Gardening is boring. Carly did painting and then a little gardening. Quinn has done gardening with VERY little painting… I’d like to do writing, but it’s really time consuming. Maybe jingles? Ideas?

Oops. I misses Eleana’s birthday… She doesn’t look to upset about it at the moment, soooooo yay?

“Don’t be fooled. I’m actually very sad”

Of course you are.

Quinn, is that really the right place to be doing that?

“They grow up so fast! I need to instill knowledge!”

Uhhhhh. Okay. You turned out okay without all of that…


Okay fine.

Brenden, Chase, and Desiree all got A’s! So it’s birthday time!

Brenden is first!

“Wow! There air is so different up here!”

……No. No it’s not.

Then it was Chase’s turn!

“Why can’t I have cake!?”

Because the cakes are for growing up you kids. Not for eating.

“But CAKE!”


And then it was Desiree’s turn.

She’s really pretty. I love her

Here’s Quinn trying out our new swing set!

“Just like when I was a kid!”

Uh… You didn’t have one of those when you were a kid…

“Huh. Are you sure?”


Winter is coming.




Game of Thrones reference. I couldn’t help it.

Someone’s actually using the foosball table! I’ve literally only seen ONE other sim play it, and that was Quinn. So it was nice to see that I didn’t spend our money needlessly.

Baby Time!

Obligatory freak out shot.

Sterling was a poofer. *poof*

Anyway! Meet baby #33, Gavin! Welcome to the family!

8 thoughts on “Chapter 33 – It’s A Birthday!

  1. Wow, I think Quinnreally wanted to have another baby as soon as possible lol I’m glad Sterling didn’t give her trouble with that xD and Welcome little Gavin :D!

    Also, it kinda looks like Chase was looking at Brenden like ‘what are you talking about bro? Air’s totally normal’ on those birthday shots xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You know, saying Quinn turned out okay without flashcards is a BIT of a stretch. I think it’s a *little* crazy to pop out so many kids with random dudes. HA HA HA! I really like Gavin’s dad and Des is SO cute!


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