Chapter 32 – Filler

We begin this chapter with Carly once again eating. It seems like last chapter was a fluke. Oh well. A gramma’s gotta eat!

Quinn looks a bit upset that she can’t have a baby in this chapter since we have a full house with one teen, four toddlers, and one infant.

Also, remember when I said I was gonna keep Carly around to help care for the babies? Yeah. I’m done with that. She can kick the bucket anytime and I’ll be okay with that. That would free up a space in the house and there wouldn’t be anymore nighttime visits from her friends…

Here’s kid #27, Asher who’s about to go to bed right before school on friday… So he’s not getting that A today… Now we have to play through the weekend and hope he gets one on monday…

Here’s #28, Brenden! He’s just sleeping the day away

Twins #29 Chase and #30 Desiree are twinning with the potty training!

Here’s the adorable barbarian, #31 Eleana

And the newest addition is little baby #32, Freya!

I literally forgot that we had a TV in the dinning area… So that was a fun discovery today lol

And then Brenden had a birthday!

What a schmooze. He’s more adorable than this pic suggests lol

He totally made the summer decorations all on his own! I’m a proud watcher!

Someone is happy that she’s just had a bath! She’s so adorable!

Eleana really is a terror toddler. It’s been a while since we’ve had a toddler terror like this. I did not miss it.

As foretold, Asher did not get that A, so he’s currently working on his homework for monday. And Brenden is working on his skills and his homework for monday too.

I can’t help but always think that they remind me of a kitty or a puppy when they do this. It’s just so cute!

If the slide was a skill, Carly would have mastered it. She’s such a pro!

This little girl with the attitude is Freya! She ended up with Quinn’s hair and Ian’s eye color.

The fridge was lacking food, so we had a cooking spree.

Spoiler: She made one dish and that was it. The fridge remained close to empty the whole play session.


And we obviously set them right to work on their homework. Since neither the twins or Brenden have been to school, the goal is to have them get A’s and all age up together so that we free up more spaces at the same time!

I’m so surprised that it took this long into the play session for her to be abducted. Could her friends be getting bored with her?!

Spoiler: They’re not.

And with homework finished, we’re skilling!

Desiree kept trying to leave and go to bed during this even though her energy was half-full… it was annoying.

Well, monday was a bust, but he managed to get the A on tuesday!

And all the kids have B’s so we’re crossing our fingers for next chapter!

So it’s birthday time!

And we now say goodbye to Asher!

Bookloverblue: He’s now uploaded under the hashtags #mojot89 and #operationrepopulation and #miskin Enjoy!

Join us next time when we get back to the baby making! We have a list of 28 fathers to get though!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 32 – Filler

  1. Aww, bye Carly.

    28 fathers…wow. I’m sure Quinn’s heiress will also be going through them, with that many!

    Is Quinn still a YA? She’s had a lot of babies!


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