Chapter 26 – Age Them Up!

Aye aye aye, here we are again! Another update of my 100 baby challenge! Last time, we were stalled on the baby front with a full house. But we had lots of birthdays, so things are moving forward nicely! So lets get started with a check of the family!

Carly’s “enjoying” her “breakfast”.

Quinn is sleeping.

Kid #21 Ulric is sleeping.

Kid #22 Victor is sleeping.

Kid #23 Whitney, is also sleeping. (I’m sensing a pattern here…)

Kid #24 Xavier is in on the sleeping action.

As is kid #25, Yuma

Finally! Kid #26 Zelena is doing something! She’s walking! …to bed…

And, as I promised, we have birthdays for Xavier and Yuma!

Xavier goes first

And then it was Yuma’s turn!

Here they are! That’s Xavier on the left and Yuma on the right! And of course, we got right to work on their homework!

Needed something to keep them all busy. Plus it’ll help with their schooling, so I bought each of them a project!

Something has been missing on the house for too long! So it’s time to fix that!

There, that’s better! I’m so happy that we could finally afford windows! It took us a REALLY long time lol

It’s so weird (and nice!) to see windows in the kitchen!

Decided it was time to get Ulric and Victor out into the garden. We needed the help badly lol.

Grades were up for everyone! Xavier and Yuma now have B’s and Victor, Yuma, and Whitney all have A’s! So it’s time for some birthday spam!

First up was Ulric

And we said goodbye

Then was Victor

And we reluctantly said goodbye to him.

Then it was Whitney’s turn!

Gawd, I love her. She’s one of my favorites of all the children!

And I think this is where we’re going to end things. Having baby #27 would just make this chapter too long, so we’re ending it here. See you next time!!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 26 – Age Them Up!

  1. I too really like Whitney! I know it’s not part of the challenge at all, but it’s kinda sad to see the kids breeze through their childhood like that :(.


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