Chapter 23 – Clean Break

Oh hello there! Yes, we’re back with another update of my 100 baby challenge! Last time we met a new dad and had another baby! Also, Theo is still around… Will he leave the house in this chapter? Let’s find out! On with the good stuff!

We begin with a mad Carly. No idea why she’s mad. I opened the game and here she was, making face.

Quinn is taking care of our current heir, baby #23 Whitney!

And Theo (baby #20) is taking care of Ulric (baby #21)!

And baby #22 is just babbling away with Blarffy!

And just like in the past couple chapters, we left Carly in charge and left to go meet the next father!

Here we are! Let’s hope he’s home! *crosses fingers*

Success! Now let’s go find him!

Meet Mr. Chad Larouche! He was submitted by icmnfrsh over on the forums! Check out more of their creations on the gallery! Origin ID is icemanfresh!

Obligatory relationship cheating shot!

Ummmm… Bucky… That’s awkward. Whitney isn’t even your kid!

He’s open to the flirting!!!

Yeah Gurl! Work it! Show ‘im what ya got!

It’s going well, I think. What about you guys?

Moment of truth! Everyone cross your fingers!

Success! (Also, we need to get home to take care of the twins! They must be too much for Carly to handle!)

We told Chad about the baby and this was his reaction. What did you think you were signing up for dude? Geez. So we decided to just be friends since he’s obviously not father material.

Bye Windenburg! We’re on our way home!

This dude… He just doesn’t get it. Ugh. But it’s actually really funny lol

Got this notification when we got home. Gardener tended the garden while we were gone, huh? Well, you could have fooled me! Does it look tended to you? (After I unpaused it, then the bugs started flying around too.)

Theo became the designated babysitter while Carly and Quinn tended the garden, which took me hours to get fully tended… At least the kids are cute!

Hahahaha he’s really got to pee, but he ABSOLUTELY has to continue sliding. Priorities kid, priorities.

She’s such a great grandma! A+ skillz

Nooo! That is NOT a good spot to take a nap! Abort abort!

Carly’s rocking the swimsuit look while tending the garden because the gardener is useless.

We bought a new mirror! (that no one uses…) And in the reflection, you can see our new bookcase! We’re intellectuals!

*yawns* Bye, Carly. See you in six hours… *eye roll*

Whitney aged up! She’s soooooo cute!

Whitney: Gramma! Talk wib me!

Carly: La Dee Da! Nothing here next to me!

Whitney: GRAMMA!

Baby time! (Also, I just realized that Quinn got no screen time after she got pregnant. Whoops)

Chad: What have I done?!

Don’t worry you won’t be sticking around. You’re gonna poof away in 3… 2… 1… *poof*

Twin boys! AGAIN!

Carly had lots of twin girls in the beginning. Quinn is the exact opposite.

Welcome baby #24, Xavier (in the blue bassinet) and baby #25, Yuma (in the green bassinet)! We’re officially a quarter of the way through the challenge. (Well, we will be when they age up and move out… lol)



5 thoughts on “Chapter 23 – Clean Break

  1. Wow…more twins. Does Quinn have fertility treatment?

    Ulric, Victor and Whitney are very cute. And Theo is still around?


    1. No she does not. Ulric and Victor don’t surprise me since they were conceived at the house and I have the on ley line lot trait. But Xavier and Yuma were a surprise since they were conceived off the home lot. So yeah, they were unexpected lol.

      And yeah. Theo is still around unfortunately. I think he might be bugged or something because he’s had all the requirements for the A and the performance bar is all the way to the right, but he’s just not getting that A! Its annoying. I might have to just age him up without it because he should have gotten it by now…


  2. I hate that I’m soooo behind on this but I’ve been in love with Sims 4 FOREVER!!! I’ve been playing The Sims Freeplay but now I have the Sims 4, 100 baby challenge here I come!!! But I wonder does it matter if I do it via PS4 or do I need my computer to do it??? Also, I LOVE your story, got even more hooked!!!


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