Chapter 22 – Easy Peasy

Hello everyone and welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time, if you remember, Quinn started her journey as matriarch and met Bucky Duckson who became the father of her first children. That’s right, she had TWINS on her first pregnancy! Like mother, like daughter! Well, enough with the recap! Let’s start with a quick check-in with the family!

We begin with mother and daughter caring for the next generation! Quinn is caring for baby #21, Ulrich while Carly is caring for baby #22, Victor!

And the only other person in the house is kid #20, Theo. And he’s off to bed.

With Carly around to look after the kids, we’re off meet the next dad!

Hopefully someone’s home and we can get in the first time! Unlike what happened in the last chapter…

Success! Already off to a better start than the last time! Let’s meet our next dad!

Meet Steve Sutherland from The Sutherland ISBI Legacy! It’s written by RL over on the forums, but comments on the blog as azzywoods. It’s a REALLY funny legacy and her humor is GREAT! Check it out here!

Of course we start with the relationship cheating. Not like we need to with Steve. He really gets around…

Yeah… He’s easy. No wonder he was a womanizer in his legacy and had a shit-ton of kids… lol

It’s almost boring. It’s almost too easy.

Well, it’s the moment of truth! He’s got a good record, so we should be okay.

Well, he didn’t disappoint!

lololol He was not happy when Quinn told him that they could only be friends.

Steve: But I love you!

Quinn: Dude. No.

I dunno what he’s mad about, he’s knocked up plenty of girls in his own legacy and didn’t have relationships. Shouldn’t be a surprise.

Well, we got what we wanted, so it was time to go home! Byeeee Steve!

We came home and went right to our one true love! Well, besides her kids and future kids…

Here we have Carly working on her … writing? Well the UI says she’s writing. The computer is saying something else… I think Carly’s losing it.

This weirdo couldn’t find a better place to do his homework. And in his swimsuit… You’re verging on creeper status kid…

Ulrich is a VERY needy baby. Victor on the other hand sleeps a lot. Like so much I though he was bugged. So I reset him thinking that he’d be more “normal” compared to all the other babies we’ve had. But nope. He still sleeps all the time. It’s really weird but also a nice change of pace lol

But it’s a good thing that Carly’s around for Ulrich! I forgot that when you reach level 10 of the parenting skill, you get the super efficient baby care option! So we use it a lot for Ulrich…

Poor kid looks like he’s having a nightmare!

Look! The twins aged up! That’s Ulrich in the red and Victor in the aqua!

You just HAD to piss yourself before we got to the hospital didn’t you? It’s baby time!

lol! I love Carly’s knowing look. She knows. She just knows. Things.

Wait! You’re not Steve!!

Shayne: Tell me about it. I don’t wanna be here either.

Good thing you’ll poof away in a second.

Shayne: Wait, what?! *poofs*

Yeah… I meant to click on Steve, but Shayne’s photo was right next to his… and someone wasn’t really paying attention and accidentally selected Shayne… Whoops. Perhaps it’s better this way. Give Steve a nice clean break.

Reese does not look happy that he has to be a patient at the same time as his sister. Rude.

Here we go! *hopes for a girl*

This has never happened to me before. She reset and all of a sudden wasn’t pregnant anymore and there was no baby. What. The. Hell. lololololol Just kidding. I just missed the pic of the baby snuggle before the baby poofed to the house. My bad.

Welcome to the family, baby #23, Whitney! Join us next time for more babies and other stuff… toodles!

8 thoughts on “Chapter 22 – Easy Peasy

    1. I actually think his brother Ethan (who I didn’t upload) was even more of a womaniser. Aw, I’m now getting reminiscent over Sims… I miss my Gen 4.


  1. I was just thinking it would be fun to do this with a man, and he never raises the kids, but you have child support payments, and he has to like, make enough money to live AND pay for all the spawn. Hee hee hee.


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