Chapter 9 – Denied



Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last time we welcomed baby number 8, Harrison and baby number 9, Irene. Well, we begin this chapter with Derrick doing a little cleaning. Okay, maybe a lot of cleaning. That’s totally gross.


Derrick also had this sitting in his inventory. It kinda cool. Faith was using it, until she decided to not dance on it anymore. Why have a dance floor if no one wants to dance on it? Laaame


We bought upgraded toilets for the house! They’re not the unbreakable ones, but they’re more reliable so that’s cool


Oh yeah, we also bought a shower for the upstairs bathroom.


Harrison and Irene have been pretty decent babies. So far anyway…We’ll see how long this lasts.


This guy got an A! And even while sick! Good Boy!


Hmmm…It’s like all we eat around here is cake….


And now we’ve got more cake! Birthday time!


He rolled the mean trait to go with his outgoing and creative traits. And if you recall, his aspiration is fabulously wealthy.


And we sent him out with a full bladder. Bye Derrick! I hope you find a toilet!


We did a little father hunting. This is Perry Doe and in the background, is Pat. Pat was the guy from the welcome wagon a long time ago who spurned all of our advances.


We’re working on skilling the teens so they can get A’s! Emilie’s doing the video game skill and Faith is working on charisma.


Harrison and Irene aged up! Irene is freaking adorable! Harrison rolled the insane trait and the aspiration whiz kid. Irene rolled the geek trait and the rambunctious scamp aspiration.


Look who we invited over! Mr. Doe! 09-24-16_8-19-24-pm

And we’re striking out again people!


This ended in disaster… He dug through our trash and then tried to blame it on Irene. Can’t fool me dude, I watched you do it.


Carly was sleeping and Emilie needed something to do so she’s keeping up her mother’s garden!


Adonis invited us out! Woohoo! Of course we accepted!


It’s a dance party! Hopefully we’ll be able to get another baby out of this trip!


*waves* Hi Claire!

Claire: Who are you?



We are not having a good night guys…Adonis has ignored us since we got here, red shirt here has declined all of our advances, and Jeffery (Derrick’s dad) in the background has been running around a pissed because we’re flirting with other guys.


Uh oh, Carly…I think Derrick know’s what you’re up too.


Guys…I think Claire is pregnant…And I checked…She IS! She’s having twin girls…


Don’t be fooled. This probably won’t work out. Especially with Herbert and Jeffrey hanging around ready to ruin it all…


What?! He accepted!? I can’t even believe it! We might have something here!


Guys! I just don’t even know! I’m so excited that it’s working out!


Ummm…Amber is also pregnant…with twin girls…


Party ended, so we decided to go home.


But not for long! We invited Drake (That’s his name, I forgot to mention it earlier) out to the museum!


Did a little cloud watching to get him in a good mood.


Well…We weren’t having any luck at all. Well, screw you too Mister! We gave up and went home…


And when we got home, we found this guy hanging outside the house when we got home. So we hung out a while. Nothing happened so I didn’t document it. After a while he literally just vanished from view. One second he was there, the next second he was gone. Well that was rude.

And that’s where we’re going to leave this chapter. No baby. We’ve hit a dry spell. Join us next time to see if we can fix that. Tootles!

12 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – Denied

  1. Haha…the tribulations of being a baby mamma – lack of privacy from former daddy’s when you’re trying to get it on with new daddy’s.


  2. Holy guacamole! Your save loves twins and mainly all girls to boot! I sure hope mine comes out the same, so far 3 sets of twins and a total of 3 boys and 3 girls.


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