Chapter 10 – Phase Two: Start


Oh Hi! So this chapter was originally supposed to be a part of last chapter, but then it was getting too long, so I split it into two! And we begin this part 2 with Carly sleeping in her brand new bed! Hopefully this will help with her mood and she’ll have better luck with the men. *crosses fingers*



*excuse the UI* Emilie and Faith came home with A’s! So we’re off to make a cake!


NOOO! You’re not supposed to eat the cake BEFORE you blow out the candles! Goodness Faith! Can’t you even have a proper birthday?


New cake, so BIRTHDAY!


Nope. False alarm. I dunno what happened, but Emilie blew out the candles and everything, but then she bugged out and would actually age up. And then Faith took a piece of THAT cake so we had to start over AGAIN!


Third time was the charm. We finally were able to age them up. (Hours later than I had hoped…) But Emilie rolled the Non-Committal trait to go with good and outgoing. Her aspiration is Renaissance sim if you recall.


And finally, Faith was able to blow out her candles as well. She rolled gloomy to go with snob and loves the outdoors and her aspiration was musical genius.


And they were kicked out without a goodbye. After the fiasco with the birthday, I was glad to have them leave.


There were so many broken objects in the house. But between Carly and Grayson, we got them all fixed. Teamwork for the win!


It’s Carly’s birthday!! (nooo!!)


Now that she’s an adult, we gave her a little mini-makeover. So we ended up with 9 babies in her young adulthood. That’s not too bad! And so she’s officially entered her second phase of her baby journey!


Look! We invited over Pat! Let’s see if all that space I’ve been giving him since the welcome wagon has payed off. We’re off to a good start, he accepted our rose!


Carly puts on the moves.

Carly: You like my new dress?

Pat: New dress? What? I don’t even remember you from before.



This is the first action Carly’s seen in a long time! Good for you girl!


Thank goodness! Our challenge continues!


Yeah, yeah. I know. All we eat is cake. I’d be sick of it too.


Sold a masterpiece that Carly painted and we were able to buy a new fridge. This is the second to best fridge that we could buy. I eventually want to buy all the unbreakable appliances and utilities and stuff, but for now, this’ll work.


Grayson came home with an A! (He doesn’t look happy about it though…)



Carly: No.

Move your hand. Let him age up and move out.

Carly: No.

Grayson: MOM! MOVE!

Carly. No.


Well, Carly eventually moved and he was able to grow up. He earned the…Uhhh. I don’t remember. I apparently didn’t write that down. Whoops. My bad people.


We worked on a future baby daddy. You will succumb! I promise!


And here we’ve got a new TV and a new sofa! We’re moving on up people!


Labor face! And we’re off to the hospital!


I don’t even know why I invite the fathers anymore. They never stick around…Pat didn’t even react. He just stood like that, turned around, then vanished…


Well, it didn’t stop her from having more babies! Twins again! Both girls! The baby in the hospital bassinet is Joelle and the baby in the green bassinet is Karissa.


And just like that, we’re at 11 babies! (Why are the bassinets blue?) Join us next time for more babies!

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