Chapter 8 – Holy Birthdays Batman!


Hello! And welcome back to Operation Repopulation! My attempt at the 100 baby challenge! We begin this chapter with a family dance party! The Fairchild kids really know how to bust a move! (Pay no attention to Derrick showering in the back…)


Erm…Tell me again how you harvested a Lilly flower from the mushroom plant?

Carly: I’ll never reveal my secrets!


Claire’s mad. Why, you ask? Oh yeah, that’s right she’s got the hot-headed trait. So she gets mad for no reason what-so-ever. Fun times people!


This is Carly’s first masterpiece! This painting brought in over $800 simoleons! Yus!


And with that money we were able to buy a computer! A really dated computer…but still its a computer! Bookshelf got moved over by the dinning table since that’s where everyone wants to read books anyway.


I got the notification that it was Emilie and Faith’s birthday in 2 days. So we’re frantically skilling them to see if we can “beat the clock” so to speak.


Kids are all at school, so we invited over the next baby daddy!


It’s Herbert Rea, who we met in the last chapter!


We were just getting this romantic party started when we had a REALLY unexpected visitor…


London. Apparently he’s our mailman…I was NOT aware of this fact…


ABORT! ABORT!! Move the party inside!


And we didn’t just move it inside, we moved it under the covers.

Wow…that was a really sleezy thing to write…gross.


But our adventure was successful! Bun in the oven!


Emilie and Faith were also successful at getting those A’s! Faith looks really proud of herself, too. What a cutie!


So it’s birthday time! First up, Emilie!


She rolled outgoing to go with her good trait and the aspiration Renaissance sim.


Next up is Faith!


She rolled Snob to go with her loves the outdoors trait and the musical genius aspiration. She’s really pretty too. I love the red hair/green eyes combo.


Grayson spends a lot of time with the stuffed animals. At least it’s building his social skill.


The teens in the house are busy working on their homework! Claire and Grayson both had finished theirs earlier in the day. I definitely don’t miss that part of school. Homework sucked.


We did the thing! Carly had enough satisfaction points for the fertility trait! (Not that she needs it, as she’s had no problem having twins on her own.) And she even had enough left over for the speed cleaner trait. And that has been a HUGE time saver! Especially with all the stuff that gets dirty in this house…


Claire came home from school with an A!


So it’s birthday time! Woohoo! She rolled perfectionist to go with slob and hot-headed. And her aspiration is joke star. Side Note: I haven’t done that aspiration because I’m afraid that it’ll end up killing my sims since now they laugh to death…


Claire gave her mom a quick hug


Before it was out the door. I’ve moved her into the same house as her sisters so she won’t be alone. Bye Claire!



House Progress! We’ve got lights in all the rooms now, so we can see what we’re doing. Also, we’ve got two actual bedrooms upstairs! I don’t really like where the stairs are located right now. I’ll have to do some playing around with the layout.


It’s so weird being able to see. With LIGHT! I’ve grown used to the darkness, so this is a big change…lol


And look! Grayson came home with an A! And a new outfit? What? That’s weird. NO HATS!


After a quick change, it was time for a(nother) birthday!


He rolled loves the outdoors to go with self assured and his aspiration is party animal.


And immediately after he blew out his candles, he passed out. Almost right into his mother’s bladder fail puddle of pee that happened literally RIGHT before he passed out. These sims…


Carly had a low social need, so we used the new computer to chat up a potential baby daddy. Remember the guy from a couple chapters ago who was mad when we started talking to him then became embarrassed when we tried flirting with him? Yeah, his name is Adonis and he’s being a pain. That’s who we’re trying to chat with. Wish us luck! lol


Labor face! And we’re off to the hospital!


And as always, the pressure of looming fatherhood was too much for Herbert so he vaporized after this was taken. Men.


And we’ve got twins again! The baby boy Carly is holding is Harrison and the baby girl in the bassinet is Irene.


Why do the babies always end up in the weirdest places? Like there’s all kinds of room downstairs, but they shove them here. Wut?


And this is where we are going to end this, what seems like, a really long update! Join us next time for more babies and more birthdays!

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