Chapter 6 – I’m Pulling Out My Hair!

OKAY! First off, hello and welcome to my 100 baby challenge! This chapter is longer than usual, almost 3 whole pages of notes (compared to usually 1-1.5) because…man I struggled this chapter. Seriously I was almost reduced to tears! Things just did NOT want to work out for me at all! But we managed to get through it! So bear with me while I try and get though this! lol


Alright, last chapter we left off with the newest additions to the family, twins Emilie and Faith! *crosses fingers* hopefully they’re easier to take care of then their siblings. Spoiler Alert: They aren’t


The kids were at school and the babies were in the green, so we took that free time to make some money! Carly is pondering her next brush stroke.


Bella came home from school with an A! But since I’m weird about aging and stuff, I won’t age her up until Amber also gets an A. I like them to keep their birth order, I’m weird like that. I wasn’t going to age them up at all until their actual birthday, but I’ve changed my mind about that little detail. lol


Claire is the favorite child title holder at the moment. She’s a great helper for her mother.


I figured one of the kids would get the “unwanted sibling” moodlet. And sure enough…Amber held my predictions true! In Amber’s case she was mad. Get over it girl! Weird that it’s only happened with the younger twins. There were no negative moodlets for Claire or Derrick…


The best part about these twins though, is that they don’t typically get needy at the same time. That’s such a help.


I was DYING with only one bathroom. So I finally bought items for the second bathroom. And I added a back deck. So it’s easier and faster for Carly to get to the garden from the house.


I’d look like that too Bella if I was carrying that many dirty dishes. But be happy you’re the new favorite child!


Did some daddy hunting! This is London Hansen.


Pretty much just gave him a rose and then Emilie became needy so we had to run back home.


Bills? Hmmm. I don’t remember getting a notification about them being due. At least not until this one. Well we paid them and went on our way.


So we tried some more Daddy hunting. Carly was in a bad mood, so Mr. Bobby McMahon was NOT having it. All interactions were a disaster.

*insert pic of 4 lady sims BBQing*

I seem to be short on guys in this area of town…I might have to explore community lots.


Amber brought home a friend from school! Side note: All the girls are exhausted. Even Derrick has a frown on his face.


This guy looks mad…maybe we can cheer him up a little bit 😉


Nope we just made him feel worse…wonderful. Maybe we’ll have a baby by the end of this chapter…


NOOOOOOO!!!!!! We have the lights!!!!! Why are there still monsters!!!


Poor Carly is running herself ragged…Had to spray the monster and downstairs the babies are crying and she just wants to sleep.


I took advantage of one of Carly’s flirty moods to create a flirty painting. Maybe this will help a little with the man problem we seem to be having.


Emilie and Faith grew up! Emilie is the blonde and her trait is good and her aspiration is Rambunctious Scamp. Faith is the red head and her trait is Loves the outdoors and her aspiration is also rambunctious scamp. Emilie has her mom’s hair and eye color. And Faith has her dad’s eye color and I’m assuming his not-elder hair color. And as of right now, Faith is our heir!

Also, Emilie grew up sad because of an unwanted sibling. ummm, what? Is that supposed to be Faith? Is Faith her unwanted sibling? #confused


Amber came home from school with an A! So we can age up the older twins! Yay! (Amber doesn’t look to happy about that though…)


So Amber gets the candles first!


She rolled goofball for her new trait. Which goes REALLY well with gloomy. #sarcasm. And her aspiration is nerd brain.


Bella is next!


Her new trait is loves the outdoors. Which, again, pairs well with slob. *le sigh* Her aspiration is leader of the pack.


And this is right around the time where I wanted to THROW things at my computer. It seemed like no matter what I did, everything was broken or dirty ALL the time. Seriously. Carly was miserable for DAYS


I spent a couple of days just focusing on Carly so that I could get her mood better. It helped that the kids could reasonably take care of themselves, so it was easier to concentrate on her. And because of that, we were able to get on with the challenge! London came over!







Haaaaa! London did NOT take the news well. lol. Too bad dude!


We have a new table! And it’s full! The kids are doing homework and Carly is eating (obviously). Notice that the same kid from a little bit ago came over again. I think his name is Duncan…


Even the two bathrooms that we have are not enough. I can’t wait till the house is finished and all the kids have their own rooms and bathrooms.


You can just barely see it, but we bought a stereo so that Carly can listen to music and paint at the same time since apparently painting isn’t fun. #simlogic


Working on some skills for the teens for school. Amber is working on cooking and Bella is working on handiness. She makes repair work look hot in those heels! And I’ve noticed that I’ve mentioned Derrick literally ONCE this chapter. My bad. I get one boy and he gets ignored…


Labor! Woohoo!


As per usual, London showed up and then left right away. Why? This is really annoying.


Meet the newest addition to the family! And the last baby for a while since Baby Grayson makes our household count 8! Join us next time for more birthdays and hopefully an easier time of play! Lol


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