Chapter 5 – Can We Keep Him?


Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! As you can see we uprooted the family an moved them to an empty lot in Newcrest. The other house was getting cramped with four kids and we needed more room. So here we are. I kept all the old furniture from the old house so we didn’t have to buy those. We just gotta build the house, which is something I’m used to doing now because of the Drifter challenge. Side Note: Look at poor Derrick sitting alllll the way in the corner of the lot. Poor kid.


Here’s the main floor of the house. I added the stairs because I’m planning on having all the kids upstairs in their own rooms. But I ran out of money so this is why the beds are in the middle of the kitchen and living room.


JUST KIDDING! I found collectibles in Carly’s inventory that I didn’t know I had. So I sold those which gave us time to add a room upstairs for the girls. Also, WE BOUGHT COOLALA LIGHTS! So no more monsters! Woohoo!


Our garden managed to make the move with us! So we got to work evolving some of the plants.


Bella and Claire are doing their homework. Amber was doing hers but…she was too uncomfortable. No, she didn’t bladder fail, she just came home from school like that.


Sweet dreams, girls! Literally! So far these lights are working!


Felt like it’s been too long without being being pregnant, so we went man hunting. This is our next target – Byron Lake!


When we meet him, he was already flirty to we didn’t need to do much.



They really hit it off! Took no time at all to get him ready to be Daddy #4. But then Derrick became needy so we had to go home.


But as soon as we took care of Derrick, we flirty texted and invited over Byron.


He came over right away!


Poor Derrick is not impressed with his mother at the moment. Hmmm…Maybe I should think about adding a nursery off the master…


Byron thinks he’s hot stuff since he got to be part of the challenge. Also, he took care of Derrick. All the other dads just looked at the kids and then ignored them. He’s the first one to care for the kids all on their own.


Baby incoming! Yippie!


Okay. I’m in love with this guy. He takes care of kids AND he takes out the trash. Which is weird because one of his traits is slob…but he’s so handy! I wish I could move him in!


Girls came home from school ans we set them to work on their homework. Also, why does at least one of them always come home dirty? That’s weird.


Our cheap fridge broke. So we had to send the pregnant lady to fix it. We so smart.


I need a second bathroom…asap. Amber was using the bathroom which meant we didn’t make it there in time and ended up puking all over the floor in the living room. Also, did you know that when your sim vomits on the floor, it doesn’t leave any trace. Which is weird. And gross.


Amber was in there forever! Long enough for Carly to have a bladder fail as well as puke on the floor. Goodness, Amber!


We finally got Carly all sorted out and then we looked at all the girls’ progress for school. Bella needed another skill point so since she was already at level 3 with her social skill, we worked on that.


Derrick is literally one of the most needy babies I’ve ever had. He’s definitely more needy than his sisters were…


The best part of this new lot is that there are activities for the kids to do! So the girls went out to play on the playground! Notice that Bella is sick…poor kid.


And Claire’s not going to be too far behind Bella if she keeps eating around the nasty dirty plates…


Derrick aged up! Aahhh! He’s got his dad’s hair AND eye color! I can’t wait to see what he looks like when he gets older!


What’s the first thing we do after a birthday? Homework. We’ve got our priorities in line.


Labor face!! Off to the hospital!


TWINS!!! Again! And no, we do NOT have the fertility treatment. I’ve never had this many natural twins without that trait before. And their both GIRLS! I can’t believe it. I have no shortage of girls in this challenge. It’s really weird. The baby on the bottom is Emilie and the baby on top is Faith.


Twins again with no teens…This will be fun…Well, join us next time for more babies and hopefully some birthdays!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – Can We Keep Him?

    1. Maybe a little. I about died when I saw it was twins and I had literally just watched cynicalbadger’s latest update and she still hasn’t had multiples! I’m actually kind of mad that they were girls…lol I like to have even numbers of each. But oh well!


  1. *rereads early chapters while waiting for new ones* “I have no shortage of… girls.” hahaha, if you only knew what lay ahead 😂😂😂. Absolutely love your series, so sad it will be over soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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