Chapter 4 – Sibling Love


Welcome back to my 100 baby challenge! Last chapter we had our 3rd baby, 3rd girl, and current heir, Claire! And she is currently sleeping so we went out collecting to earn a little money. I really need to buckle down on this money thing…I’m thinking about just moving to an empty lot and building my own house from the ground up.


Carly taking care of the wonderfully strange tree next to our house.


Couldn’t actually make it into the glade, because someone needed to pee. And then I figured we should probably clean the thing…It was gross.


The next day, the girls were at school, so we invited Jeffery over! I’m determined to have her pregnant by the end of the day.


The Move. Classic. Look at his eyes, he knows what’s up.


I don’t usually do my wooing while sitting, so I don’t see these interactions very often. This/they’re so cute!


Carly: Will you be my baby daddy?

Jeffrey: Erm…no.

DENIED! Well this won’t do! Quick spam the romance actions!


It worked! Nice save! Side note: Look at Jeffrey’s lusty eyes staring at Carly’s boobs. He’s thinking “Oh yeah!” Where was this enthusiasm when we first asked for the woohoo?!


Baby incoming!! Watch out! Also, who throws confetti and streamers while on the toilet after taking a pregnancy test? So weird. #simlogic


And we kicked Jeffrey out and went to the glade!


This place really is beautiful. Well done design team!


We did some quick collecting and then left. Not sure if it’s against the rules or not to travel to hidden locations. So we didn’t stay long


And now the girls are back from school, so we had some homework to do!


They’re so autonomously cute! I just get to sit back and enjoy the show!


Yup this was totally autonomous. And cute.


Okay, this one was me. But still. I know you can’t really tell when their kids, but the biggest difference between the two of them is their eyes. Amber’s are smaller and blue and Bella’s are big and brown.


Amber’s making an even bigger mess. No, not really. It’s just her gloomy trait rearing it’s ugly head.


Here we go with the monsters again. I can’t wait til I play again. That’s the FIRST thing I’m doing is getting those Coolala lights. Because this is annoying.


Claire aged up! Her rolled trait is slob, just like her sister, Bella (seriously, what the heck is with these traits!) Her aspiration is whiz kid. She’s a cutie too! With all the hassle her father gave us, she better be an angel to make up for it.


I sold the dresser so we had room for a bed for Claire. I take back what I said about the lights. First thing I’m going to do is move. I need more space. Then I’m getting those lights.


Amber is a good kid. She’s out meeting potential father’s for Carly while she takes a much needed nap.


Our first signs of morning sickness in this challenge. We didn’t have any sickness with the other two pregnancies.


Girls won’t sleep in their beds because of the monsters and they keep waking up Carly so then she doesn’t get any sleep. This is a major problem in this game.


Labor face!! *let’s cross our fingers for a boy*


Welcome to the family, little baby Derrick, our first boy! Also, notice Bella in the back freaking out about the monsters…Well that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more shenanigans!

9 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Sibling Love

  1. Yay!!!! You finally got a boy! I hope he gets his dad’s red hair! I would think that you are allowed to go to secret areas…I plan on taking Bernice to the one in Oasis Springs because I have never taken a sim there…ever! Oh, the sim of mine you want is now at #simfulicious


    1. I didn’t think it would be. The person who started the official rules hasn’t updated or been on the site in forever, so there are no official rules for them or anything. And yes! I’m thinking a future daddy in my challenge! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The Glade is a hidden area from the base game. There’s a strange tree next to a lot in Willow Creek (I think its called cricket cabana?) Just interact with it and eventually you can travel to the glade


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